Why Consolidation Works

Procurement Concepts' model of consolidating client spend allows for larger discounts. Having the opportunity to consolidate the entire spend into one negotiable number allows Procurement Concepts to act like a large company on behalf of the small and mid-sized members. 
There are many examples of other ways consolidation works in the real world, so we took those models (i.e. splitting the dinner check five ways rather than two, collecting all the neighborhood cans to take to the recycling center rather than only your own) and we applied them to our organization. Staples has partnered with Procurement Concepts to bring these discounts to every customer who joins our membership. 
By having a free membership, every member has incentive to recommend our programs because the larger we get, the better the discounts will get. 
Discounts on office supplies, travel, and credit card processing is just the start. There are many other programs that can be instituted within the next few months, so keep an eye out!