What is Group Purchasing?

Many small to mid-sized business owners don't have time to think about procurement. And, it makes sense... they are focusing on the product or service that they provide. So, when it comes time to purchase coffee, office supplies, business cards, or travel, they either run to the store or order online. Or, maybe an account rep contacted your company and put you on your own corporate account (but discounts are not extreme).

Procurement Concepts believes that small to mid-sized businesses should not spend more per item than the "big dogs." That is why we aggregate our members spend together to create purchasing power. We then select one vendor in each category (Staples, Vistaprint, etc). There are no costs to join, no minimum spend requirements, and no contracts to sign. All a small to mid-sized business owner needs to do is provide us with a little bit of information (name, phone, address, email) and we can provide them with usernames and passwords so they can take advantage of extreme discounts.

In addition, Vistaprint is offering a great promotion for new members. They are offering 50% off most items. Just go to our co-branded store Vistaprint and enter the code PROCUREMENT50 when you checkout. 

Our goal is to help small businesses control costs. Take a look at our marketplace and feel free to enroll in any of our programs at no cost!