Let PC Manage Your Vendors

Many small- and medium-sized companies and organizations that have joined Procurement Concepts are finding the management of the vendors and pricing to be the biggest reward from this free membership. Currently, Procurement Concepts offers memberships for savings with Staples, Priceline, Expensify, and Banc Certified Merchant Services, but our vendor management is not limited to these companies. We can negotiate with and reach out to any vendor your company has to deal with and because of our background in sourcing management; we are excited to take this hassle off the plate of your swamped managers.
The group buying model is beneficial for many reasons, but saving time and headaches was an unintentional added benefit discovered through our management of vendors and negotiation of contracts and pricing on behalf of all our members. Each member has their own reasons for using Procurement Concepts’ buying model, but the feedback about how easy it has been for their office managers has been the most consistent feedback we’ve received across all industries.
Every 3-5 months Procurement Concepts works with our vendors to improve our programs and benefit our members even more by creating more savings or adding SKUs to the discount list. Using technology to simplify the process has always been our goal and we continue to manage our vendors on this process to continue building technology based platforms and executing our goals for improved portals for the customer to use.
Give one of our programs a try today. It is completely free and the benefits of our programs will easily make an impact on your business practice.

Creating Savings for Non-Profits

One of the rewarding parts about having a diverse membership is that we get to help a variety of organizations. This includes non-profits and member organizations where every dollar saved can go towards their cause. Creating savings for a non-profit is one of the many satisfying benefits of our organization, but social responsibility should be something all companies take pride in. To put your stamp on a community and provide for the less fortunate should not just feel good, but feel necessary. Certainly this is just our opinion, but we have seen, over the years, many successful companies with a social responsibility side of their business plan often times as big as their marketing and operational portions.

A community is only as strong as its supporters and partnering with many new non-profits this year, PC is proud to acknowledge our growth into many new communities consisting of many wonderful organizations. All non-profits have budgets they need to manage, so by saving money through our discount programs, those budgets become more flexible and therefore they are able to accomplish more towards their missions without any extra money spent. This is the basic model of group buying working at its best. For those who support non-profits which could use the savings, please direct them to our website and we will sign them up for our free programs and do all we can to get them as many dollars saved as we can.
Have a happy Monday and thank you for supporting your communities and non-profit organizations everywhere!

Why Consolidation Works

Procurement Concepts' model of consolidating client spend allows for larger discounts. Having the opportunity to consolidate the entire spend into one negotiable number allows Procurement Concepts to act like a large company on behalf of the small and mid-sized members. 
There are many examples of other ways consolidation works in the real world, so we took those models (i.e. splitting the dinner check five ways rather than two, collecting all the neighborhood cans to take to the recycling center rather than only your own) and we applied them to our organization. Staples has partnered with Procurement Concepts to bring these discounts to every customer who joins our membership. 
By having a free membership, every member has incentive to recommend our programs because the larger we get, the better the discounts will get. 
Discounts on office supplies, travel, and credit card processing is just the start. There are many other programs that can be instituted within the next few months, so keep an eye out!