We go through a rigorous process to select the best vendors for our members

We combine the purchasing volume of our membership base to achieve extreme discounts

You join Procurement Concepts to access our marketplace to simplify your life and save money



You are a business owner or employee who does not receive discounts on travel, office supplies, expense reporting or payment processing because you do not have the volume.

Everyone Else

All use the same office supply, travel, payment processing and expense reporting vendors that you use. They also do not receive EXTREME discounts due to the lack of volume


Brilliant Idea

What's awesome about Procurement Concepts is, in addition to the discounts, we send monthly reports to the member showing exactly what they spent and saved. 

Don’t have time to purchase, book travel, submit expenses or pay your employees yourself? Our virtual ‘ProcureGeek’ can take care of all of your purchasing needs. Stop wasting time with back-office tasks that can be done for you.

  1. Email, text, call your ‘ProcureGeek’
  2. Your ‘ProcureGeek’ will place the order, book travel, track expenses and/ or pay your employees for you
  3. Then your ‘ProcureGeek’ will send you a receipt and how much you saved for record keeping